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Denis Defrancesco and the King Kong Balls

Denis Defrancesco is the creator of the King Kong Balls . These amazing spheres were created in Josefov, Czech Republic, in 2019. The balls are now available at many locations, including the Denis Defrancesco Museum in Prague. You can learn more about Defrancesco and the balls by visiting his Instagram page.

Denis Defrancesco’s King Kong Balls

In Prague, Denis Defrancesco has a large display of his King Kong Balls sculpture. The ape in the miniature sculpture is seen sitting in a relaxed posture with a pair of large bronze nuts protruding from his body. Defrancesco was inspired by the real chimp when he created the sculpture.

Self-Confident Performance

The sculpture has a significant blue color, and it is a self-assured, self-confident performance. Its bold and majestic approach is sure to bring new life to even the most drab spaces. A great addition to any large space, King Kong Balls are both eye-catching and functional.

Places to Visit King Kong Balls

The King Kong balls are a monumental bronze sculpture and a great work of art. They are the only ones of their kind in the world. These sculptures are huge, weighing more than two tons, and are a great sight to see. You can see them in the historical city of Prague, the Czech Republic, which is the birthplace of the film King Kong.

king kong balls

Public Transportation to Visit King Kong Balls

If you plan to take public transportation to visit King Kong Balls, you can use Moovit, which provides free maps and live directions to your location. You can even see how long it will take you to get to King Kong Balls, and how many stops are nearby. This makes it easy to plan your trip and know where to go.

Ways to Get To King Kong Balls

If you are planning a visit to the King Kong Balls in Praha, Czech Republic, you can use Moovit to help you get there. This app offers free maps and lives directions to help you navigate through your city. It will also show you the closest stops and transit options to get to the King Kong Balls.

Parizska Street in Prague

The King Kong balls are a magnificent structure of a blue monkey stuffed with big balls. The statue is a piece of monumental art made of pure bronze. It is huge and weighs over two tons. You can see the statue from Parizska street in Prague.

Where to Find Denis Defrancescoart’s King Kong Balls ?

If you love the movie “King Kong,” then you have probably heard about Denis DefrancescoArt’s “King Kong Balls.” But do you know where to find one of these awesome sculptures? Here are the locations of the famous sculptures in different countries, along with transportation options to get to them.

Fusion of Style

Denis DefrancescoArt’s unique King Kong Balls are perfect for large spaces. The French artist is self-taught and creates eclectic works from oil paint and 3-D paintings to giant plastic objects. His art is bold, electric, and infused with text. This fusion of style makes the work a must-have for large spaces. Whether you have a large dining room or a large living room, you’ll be sure to find something that fits.

king kong balls

Unique Piece of Contemporary Art

The sculpture is made from a unique and important blue color. It is a unique piece of contemporary art that makes a statement. It is self-confident, slightly shocking, and sure to leave viewers speechless – and happy. You won’t find a replica like this anywhere else.

Transportation Options to Get To King Kong Balls

If you want to go to King Kong Balls in Praha, Czech Republic, you have a number of transportation options. Bus, train, and metro are all excellent options, but you should also consider Moovit, which will provide you with real-time directions and free maps to help you find your way. It will also show you the closest stops to the venue, so you can find the best route to get there easily.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is available in many parts of the city and can cost as little as $3 to $5, depending on the distance. However, if you are traveling with a large group, you might want to consider taking a taxi, which can cost around $50 one way.

King Kong Balls

… King Kong’s Balls, the Gaze of a King, the Royal Pause for the gallery… Between Conceit and indifference, a certain idea of freedom is cast in bronze… Sculpt and let the sculpture speak for itself…

… Those who will see nothing but its attributes will have seen nothing, understood nothing… A grand show to bug the ‘right-minded’… to deceive fools… A half-smile…

… The coarse illusion of an impudent Monkey… The taunt of Kong to set the art-fair “cheetahs’” tongues wagging, for all the masturbatory bonobos to cop complexes…. His balls are out in the open like coconuts thrown in the faces of conformism.

… The calm resistance of an untamed Monkey… His gaze is elsewhere… Far from the human menagerie, from this narrow-minded world… Far from this brash theater, this crass comedy…

… The Kong has a dream… A paradise lost… With no cage and no master… Freedom at the foot of My Tree … A laugh that we cannot hear… His balls are like gongs to summon the Great Awakening…

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