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DPF Parts Direct for Diesel Emissions Control Devices

DPF Parts Direct is your one-stop shop for diesel emissions control devices. They carry a wide variety of diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts, sensors, clamps, gaskets, and much more. Most of the items listed on their website are in stock and shipped to your door in a timely manner. The website  maintains tight controls over shipping costs. Customers should able to order whatever they need from DPF Parts Direct without any hassles.

Filtertherm(r) aqueous DPF cleaning package

The Filtertherm(r) Aqueous DPF Parts Direct cleaning package takes your DPFs from dirty to clean in less than two hours. It includes an aqueous DPF cleaning machine, filter drying cabinet, inspection table, and a one-gallon Surfactant Premix. The machine uses a low-pressure, high-volume water stream to clean the filter’s cell walls. The machine features edge-to-edge cleaning. The patented water flow path allows the cleaning solution to navigate around any cell wall structure.

The Inspection Table in the Filtertherm(r) Aqueous DPF Parts Direct cleaning package has a convenient and ergonomic way to check the condition of the DPF during the cleaning process. It measures both the DPF’s pre and post-cleaning weight, and the flow of the cleaning solution. This table also has a USB charging port, making it easier to operate and provide accurate measurements.

Filtertherm(r) aqueous filter regen

Trucks on long-haul and short-haul work require routine filter cleans, or active filter regenerations, at 200,000 km and 400,000 km, respectively. Active regens indicate filter blockage and cause a dash light to flash. Filter ash fills reduce the number of active regens needed. Active regens are bad for fuel economy as they require the engine to consume as much as seven times its normal fuel.

The Filtertherm(r) Aqueous Filter Drying Cabinet dries most Aqueous-cleaned filters in 20 minutes, and has capable of cleaning DPFs as large as 24 inches in height and 18 inches in diameter. It requires little shop space, and the cabinet has easy to operate. Its footprint measures 79” high, 34″ wide, and 72″ deep. The Door clearance measures 1828.8 inches.

Active filter regen

The process of active filter regeneration takes place when exhaust gas temperatures are too high to convert PM to oxygen. The process is self-activated by the PCM, which sends a signal to increase the exhaust temperature and inject a small amount of raw fuel upstream of the DPF Parts Direct . As the exhaust gas temperature increases, precious metals within the DPF oxidize the PM. If the regeneration cycle is not started soon enough, the engine can become damaged.

Diesel exhaust is sent through a series of filters, including a catalyst. The first filter is the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The DOC contains a precious metal catalyst that oxidizes hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to create exhaust gas that is safe for the environment. The DOC is often blocked by excessive carbon buildup, which restricts the flow of exhaust through the DPF Parts Direct . The regeneration cycle also requires the use of temperature sensors to determine how hot the exhaust is entering the DPF. If any of these sensors is malfunctioning, it may prevent regening. The regen process is not triggered, and your DPF will become unusable.

Passive filter regen

If your car has a DPF Parts Direct , you may wondering if you need a new one or if you can just replace the existing one. The good news is that DPFs are designed to last over 100,000 miles. The first thing to know is why passive filter regen is so important. The engine computer needs to know when it is saturated with soot to trigger active regeneration.

The active regeneration process starts when exhaust temperature has not enough to oxidize the PM in your vehicle. Your vehicle’s PCM then sends a command to raise the exhaust temperature and add raw fuel upstream from the DPF. When the temperature reaches that level, the precious metals in the filter oxidize the PM in your exhaust, and the regeneration process can begin. On some models, the regeneration process can permanently disabled.

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