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Fleur Narcotique Ex Nihilo Love Edition & Luxury Perfume

The elite eau de parfum from Ex Nihilo has called Fleur Narcotique Love Edition. The scent has a fruity floral composition and launched in 2017. It is a great choice for a woman who is looking for an exotic yet sweet scent. It is recommended for everyday wear and can be found at luxury perfume and beauty stores. If you have a penchant for exotic scents, this fragrance is a good choice.

Exuberant Fruity Bouquet Tempered by Bergamot & Orange Blossom

The Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique has an exuberant fruity bouquet tempered by bergamot and orange blossom. It is a peony-filled, fruity floral that grows sultry as time passes. This scent is perfect for summertime rooftop soirees or elegant evenings. It is a wonderful gift for a lover of opulence and sensuality.

This airy floral cologne was created by Quentin Bisch, the founder of EX NIHILO. The formula is designed to give long-lasting pleasure and comfort on the skin. The body lotion is recommended to be worn in conjunction with the Fleur Narcotique fragrance. You should apply it with your hands and let it dry. It is best applied with the hand. Then, apply your favourite fragrance.

Fleur Narcotique

Oriental Perfume Axis to Produce a Sophisticated, Feminine Scent

This feminine fragrance is fruity floral with a hint of poisonous notes. M. Bisch reinterprets the classic oriental perfume axis to produce a sophisticated, feminine scent. The scent is very fresh, but not overwhelmingly so. You can use it as a standalone scent or layer it over another fragrance to create your perfect signature. The best thing about Fleur Narcotique is that it is both elegant and timeless.

The notes of Fleur Narcotique are opulent, but also gender-neutral. The first few minutes of this perfume will excite you with its fresh fruity aroma. The middle section is very petillant, with a flowery Oolong tea-like note. The base is transparent, with wood and musk. The musk at the bottom gives the scent its narcotic effect for hours on end.



Fruity Floral Top Notes are Bergamot & Peach

The scent of Fleur Narcotique is fruity and citrusy. Its fruity floral top notes are bergamot and peach, which are lively and energetic. The second part, musk, is a beautiful and narcotic scent that is perfect for summer nights on the roof. It is a perfect choice for the August night out. If you want to feel good and  admired, this perfume will make you feel great.

The citrusy notes of Fleur Narcotique are tempered with orange blossom and bergamot. The heart has filled with a rich, opulent scent that’s also very fruity. It’s a lovely scent that works well with a combination of strength and softness. It is a calming perfume that is ideal for women of all ages. This is a great choice for any romantic evening out.

Fleur Narcotique

Beautiful Mix of Fresh & Floral Notes.

Its airy floral is perfect for nighttime. Whether you want to feel the luminous notes of this perfume on yourself or your partner, you’ll feel like a star. In the 21st century, tradition and modernity walk hand-in-hand. The scent of Fleur Narcotique is a beautiful mix of fresh and floral notes.

The fruity florals and moss in Fleur Narcotique are intoxicating and appealing. It has an exotic character that embodies an urbane woman’s feminine charms. A girl who wears this scent will make you stand out from the crowd at any party. Indulgent and comfortable, this fragrance is suitable for all ages. During the summer months, you’ll feel enticing, fresh, and relaxed.

Sophisticated & Seductive Perfume,

This unisex fragrance is a floral scent that’s equally delightful for men and women. It has a rich golden color, which confirms that it is a perfume for both men and women. This is very beautiful on both. It lasts for a long time and lasts until you start smelling it. It is a very unique and exclusive perfume, but you’ll love it for its uniqueness.

This has a very sophisticated and seductive perfume, with notes of orange blossom and syrupy fruit. It’s very pleasant and enticing, but it’s not “narcotic” at all. It’s a feminine, sexy scent with an exotic appeal. If you’re a lover of perfumes that smell like sugared fruits, this is the perfume for you. It’s a gourmand, elegant, and sweet scented floral, with a dash of a powdery note.

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