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How IT Staff Augmentation Services Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re considering IT Staff Augmentation services, Rushkar is one of the best options. The company provides software development services for diverse industries. From IT infrastructure to medical software development, Rushkar provides highly qualified and experienced software engineers. Their services can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Rushkar is a Preferred Choice for IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation services allow companies to retain control over the management of their IT team without the headache of hiring and training new employees. They provide full technical expertise at a low cost compared to hiring in-house employees. These services also provide the added benefits of unbiased opinion and new ideas.

Using IT staff augmentation services can save companies time, and money, and improve the quality of work. It also provides the skills they need for short-term projects without having to hire a permanent employee and pays salary, perks, taxes, and insurance fees. Another advantage of hiring augmented staff is the ease of engaging new specialized team members without committing to a long-term contract.

IT Staff Augmentation

Outsourcing is a good option for many organizations. However, there are several risks involved in managed IT staff augmentation. One of the most important ones is finding a reliable company. Outsourcing companies should be selected after assessing the skills and experience of prospective candidates. Moreover, managed services require careful partner selection. IT staff augmentation services provide dedicated developers and teams remotely to meet your needs. These developers undergo a thorough interview process and are subjected to rigorous testing.

Nearshore Companies

Nearshore staff augmentation is an effective way to supplement your in-house team with a diverse set of skills. Nearshore teams are adept at handling multiple projects and demands, and they will seamlessly fit into your existing team. They are also experienced in working with different types of teams. In addition, they can deliver a higher quality product than in-house team members.

Hiring Software Engineers in the US or Europe

One of the main advantages of hiring nearshore staff augmentation services is their affordability. Often, these services are offered at a lower price than hiring software engineers in the US or Europe. Many US companies are now choosing to nearshore their IT staffing needs. This practice has many benefits, such as highly skilled staff, cultural similarities, and a reduction in management time.

IT staff augmentation is a cost-effective and convenient way to increase your team. It allows you to access skilled professionals from around the world and reduces your risk of hiring local developers. You can choose the team members that are best suited for your project and communicate with them directly.

Hybrid Companies

Using hybrid IT staff augmentation services can help companies reduce the cost of hiring a full-time employee while still ensuring they get the quality of work they require. These services help companies leverage external resources and align with internal teams. Additionally, they provide highly trained IT specialists on demand.

Ideal for Companies

IT staff augmentation companies usually offer dedicated teams dedicated to specific projects. The team may be hired for a specific project or for a series of smaller projects. This approach is ideal for companies that do not have an in-house IT department and outsource their IT processes. By using a hybrid approach, a company can assign primary IT processes to the staff augmentation company and less-critical processes to an outsourcing company.

The hybrid approach may not be the best choice for every company. Some companies may want to take advantage of both models. For example, they may need an IT staff augmentation team while another department outsources a team of experts. This method offers great control for both the client and the service provider.


Zoondia is a custom software development company based in Trivandrum, India. The company also has offices in the United States, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2008, Zoondia has a staff of 80 and offers a variety of services to small to large companies. Zoondia is a member of the Appiness Interactive Group, which provides web development and UX/UI design services.

Staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that provides you with access to top tech talent in any region. With the help of an on-demand team, you can choose the right candidate for your needs and extend them whenever you need to. IT staff augmentation allows you to scale up and down quickly and affordably, without worrying about internal processes.

Team’s Productivity or Quality

IT Staff Augmentation is a cost-effective way to hire more skilled IT professionals without compromising on your team’s productivity or quality. The top software outsourcing companies offer a variety of IT staffing options, including IT staff augmentation. You can choose between a custom IT staffing solution and a full offshore development center to meet your specific needs. The best IT staff augmentation solutions come with an implementation plan and maintenance plan. Outsourced staff members will work with your company’s culture and follow your direction, giving you peace of mind knowing that your project is in the best hands possible.

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