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KIAVI – A Review of a Short-Term Lending Company

Kiavi is an online lending platform that empowers real estate investors. The company offers innovative financing solutions and data to help customers invest in real estate. They provide rental housing for millions of American households, and help investors revitalize the country’s nearly $25 trillion housing stock.  Here’s a closer look at the company. To learn more, visit profile.

Provides Innovative Financing Solutions

Kiavi is a technology-driven company that provides innovative financing solutions for real estate investors. As a leading lender to real estate investors, Kiavi aims to empower real estate investors by helping them revitalize the nation’s aged housing stock. The company has helped fund over $7.8 billion across 35,000 projects and employs over 200 people in the United States. By offering mortgages, Kiavi is able to support the needs of millions of Americans.

Various Industrial Manufacturing

Michael Ross, Kiavi’s chief executive officer, joined the company in February 2016. He served as chief operating. Financial officer at various industrial manufacturing a financial services companies. He was the CFO of publicly-traded mortgage servicer Ocwen Financial Corporation, and earned an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. His background in finance and technology has given him the expertise to guide the company’s development. Kiavi is not a “cash-for-real estate” service.

Capital Markets Transactions and Corporate Governance

The team Kiavi has led by Michael Ross, who previously served as chief operating officer. Chief financial officer at two prior startups. He has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry, including as the lead counsel for many Silicon Valley IPOs. her time at Perkins Coie, he focused on capital markets transactions and corporate governance. He holds a B.A. in philosophy from Berkeley and an MBA from the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Vice President And CFO Of Intel Capital

Bruce McLaughlin, Kiavi’s CFO, leads finance, accounting, and Treasury. He has over 25 years of experience as a financial leader. Has he led large finance teams at Intel. He was the Vice President and CFO of Intel Capital. Serves on several NGO Boards, including Urban Light, an organization focused on preventing human trafficking in South East Asia. It’s no wonder that he’s an expert in the field of real estate.


Technology-Driven, Innovative, And Customer-Centric Company

As a leading investor in the real estate sector, Bruce is very excited about Kiavi’s mission. As a technology-driven, innovative, and customer-centric company, he’s passionate about helping real estate investors unlock their full potential. And he’s proud to say that he’s invested in the company and is a repeat customer. There’s no doubt that his investment in Kiavi will be a good fit for your real estate business.

Private Equity Fund and Colony American Homes

Kiavi’s founding team features a highly talented team of lawyers and accountants. Nora McLaughlin is the legal team’s CFO and is responsible for all aspects of accounting and finance. She has over 25 years of experience in finance, including running her own private equity fund and Colony American Homes. starting Kiavi, she founded a residential real estate private equity firm, Colony American Homes. That, she was a VP at Morgan Stanley and a partner at Colony Capital.

Roberta Ross Is the Head of Kiavi’s Risk

Roberta Ross is the head of Kiavi’s risk and compliance departments. She is a seasoned board director with more 25 years of experience. She was named a Private Company Director to Watch in 2020 by a leading investor’s research. Holds a BA from Wellesley College, an MBA from Harvard, and an MS from MIT. She has a passion for advancing the company’s mission. The KIAVI team consists of a dedicated team of people who want to improve the community’s economy.

Leadership Positions at General Electric

The company Kiavi has a team of mortgage experts. Pat Walsh has over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He held leadership positions at General Electric, GE, and various mortgage startups. He worked as the CFO of a publicly traded mortgage servicer, Ocwen Financial Corporation. Aside from being a top-ranked national originator, he has focused on mortgage automation and building a platform that has easy to understand and uses technology to create an incredible customer experience.

Mortgages For Real Estate Investors

The new company name is a reflection of its dedication to its real estate investor customers. Originally called LendingHome, Kiavi is now the largest lender of mortgages for real estate investors. Its name reflects the company’s mission to help real estate investors reach their financial goals. Its mission is to empower people by delivering innovative lending solutions that help them transform their lives. These are just a few of the benefits of Kiavi,  are many more to discover.

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