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LuxPods Pro Concept in Affordable Wireless Sound Systems

LuxPods are a new concept in affordable wireless sound systems. The LuxPods Pro feature passive noise cancellation and an aislamiento de ruido sensor. The lightweight design of the speaker allows you to enjoy music even when in the water. Moreover, the Pro are waterproof and are compatible with both Android and Apple devices. They are also equipped with earbuds that allow you to listen to your favorite music even in the rain.

Ingebouwde Microfoon

The LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 are available in black and white color. The oplaad box and ingebouwde microfoon makes it universal and is an ideal alternative to Apple AirPods. The LuxPods can be charged via a 5V 2A or 10W ac charger. They are able to connect to a phone without the need for an adapter.

Headphones Have A 300mah Battery

These headphones have a 300mAh battery that lasts up to 5 hours. The LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 come with a protective oplaad box and are compatible with all cell phones, including Apple iPhones. The LuxPods BlackPod can be charged by a 10W ac charger and come with a charging cable. There is also a charging dock for the LuxPods BlackPods 2.0.

Charge With A 5V 2A Or 10W Ac Adapter.

The LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 come with a protective oplaad. They are the perfect alternative to Apple AirPods. They are easy to use and charge with a 5V 2A or 10W ac adapter. This accessory is the perfect replacement for Apple’s AirPods and can even be used as an alternative to the Apple AirPods. If you want to take your music with you wherever you go, the LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 are the best choice.

Dual-Purpose Charging Box

In addition to the BlackPods, the LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 are compatible with a wide range of phones, including Apple iPhones and Samsung smartphones. The BlackPods are a good alternative to Apple AirPods. The  Pro also have an integrated microphone that allows you to hear the music without a tinny mic. They also have a USB port for charging and a dual-purpose charging box.

A Great Alternative

LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 are the best alternatives to Apple’s AirPods. They are compatible with almost any type of smartphone and are compatible with any Bluetooth device. In addition to being wireless, LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 feature a draadbox, which fits snugly in your ear. These are a great alternative to Apple’s AirPods, as they are compatible with all major smart-phones.

Affordable Pair Of Wireless Headphones

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of wireless headphones, the LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 will be the perfect choice. They have 300mAh batteries and can be connected to an iPhone or an iPad. They have a very comfortable earbud design, which makes them an excellent option for both the home and office. Its naming feature makes it easy to recognize your LuxPods by voice. They also support Apple AirPods.

High-Quality Microphone And Mic

LuxPods BlackPods 2.0 are a universal headset, with Bluetooth connectivity. They are compatible with any phone, and they have a high-quality microphone and mic. They can be charged using a five-volt, two-amp, or a ten-watt ac adapter. You can also charge them with a micro USB cord or an iPhone. This will give you the convenience to stay connected even when you are away from your phone.

10W Ac Adapter

In addition to their wireless features, LuxPods can be connected to your iPhone with Bluetooth. Its naming is unique and convenient. It’s easy to find and use with your iPhone. Besides, it’s also compatible with other smart phones. For example, LuxPods are compatible with Apple iPhones. You can even use them with Samsung smartphones. You can charge the LuxPods with a 10W ac adapter.


LuxPods are compatible with all smartphones. The  Pro are compatible with Apple iPhones, Samsung phones, and Android devices. They are waterproof and can even be recharged by a standard 5-volt wall charger. They are the perfect solution for the iWatches. You’ll never need to charge your LuxPods . You’ll have them with you wherever you go. A single LuxPods black pod will be compatible with any other bluetooth-compatible mobile phone.

Discount Code

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