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My Gekks Offers a 33% Discount & 25% Off Select SLVR Items

Gekks offers a 33% discount for your first order and 25% off select slvr items all month. Get your own pair now and save! This product wicks moisture and eliminates odor! Learn more about these products at Mygekks . And, don’t forget to use the Gekks coupons to get your first purchase at a 33% discount! There’s also a 25% sale on select slvr items this month at Mygekks !

Gekks has a 33% Discount on First Purchase

If you are interested in getting a great discount on your next shoe purchase, look no further than Gekks . The company has been making footwear inserts for more than 15 years and has an impressive list of satisfied customers. The company’s flagship product has made with odor-controlling material that wicks moisture and eliminates odor. The product has even received mentions in various media outlets, including BuzzFeed, Inc. Magazine, and Maxim. Founded by two brothers, Gekks has expanded its offerings to include SLVR gloves and phone cases.

25% off Slvr Items all Month at Mygekks

Right now, Mygekks has having a sale: 25% off SLVR items all month long! To claim this deal, you can go to the Mygekks website and enter the code 25OFFSLVR at checkout to receive the discount. You’ll able to redeem the discount on selected styles, but be sure to read the fine print and terms and conditions before purchasing.

They Eliminate Odor

Gekks are odor-eliminating socks that wick away moisture and are knit with silver yarn. The silver wicks away moisture and odor-causing bacteria to make these socks more comfortable than traditional socks. They are made from 100% pure silver yarn, which makes them effective against bacteria and odor. The gel adheres to the liner without altering its fit. Gekks are made in partnership with X-Static, a leader in odor-eliminating yarn.

They Wick Moisture

Mygekks wick moisture socks are made from synthetic microfibers, which wick away sweat to keep feet cool and dry. The moisture wicking process works by using the capillary action of water to draw liquid towards the fabric’s surface and evaporate. Basically, wicking socks work to keep feet comfortable and dry in warm weather. It’s important to remember that water is 99% water. If you want to understand how Mygekks wick moisture from your feet, you need to understand the molecular structure of water. Water consists of one oxygen atom joined with two hydrogen atoms. The negatively charged oxygen atom draws these positively charged hydrogen atoms to the opposite side, which forms the water molecules.

Mygekks Review

Gekks are thin, breathable liners that grip the inside of your shoe. They wick away moisture and eliminate odor. Plus, they make your shoes super comfortable. Read on to learn more about this amazing product! Read on for some helpful tips to get you started. Also, check out this video to learn how Gekks work! And prepared to amazed! You’ll be able to tell if Gekks really work by yourself in just one week!

Gekks are Thin, Breathable Liners That Grip to The Inside of Shoes

A new shoe liner that grips to the inside of your shoe, Gekks are thin, breathable sock-like liners that lock into your shoe for a secure fit. Designed with antimicrobial silver-coated thread, Gekks will live inside your shoes all day, giving your feet the ultimate in comfort. They are available for sneakers, flats, pumps, loafers, and more.

They Eliminate Odor

Gekks are socks that are knit with odor-eliminating yarn. Designed to combat odor causing bacteria, Gekks eliminate foot odor by eliminating them at the source. These socks are moisture-wicking and have antimicrobial properties that prevent bacteria from producing odor. They also provide style and comfort to your bedding. But unlike Gekks , they do not offer an all-in-one solution.

They Make Your Shoes Super Comfy

Gekks are not magnetic shoe inserts, but they can help you make your shoes super comfy. Gekks are antimicrobial silver-coated threads that are attached to your shoes and make them feel like a sock. Gekks can used in any shoe or sandal, whether they’re flats, heels, or loafers. They can moved from one shoe to another.

They are Easy to Clean

Mygekks are made with 99.9% pure silver yarns, which are permanent bonds between silver metal and nylon fiber. NASA and the United States Special Forces use these yarns to keep their gear odor-free. They do not wash off or wear off, and they will remain odor-free. These silver yarns also eliminate bacteria, which are the source of most body odor. The silver yarns naturally eliminate bacteria.

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