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Smart Kids Childcare & Development Centers

Smart kids childcare is a daycare that provides a play-based curriculum for young children and After School Activities for children up to 5 years. With the help of a foreign experienced teacher, your child will have an enriching experience in a creative and fun environment. SmartKids’ curriculum addresses the total development of the child, from a physical to a mental level. The play-based curriculum promotes the development of children’s creativity and self-esteem.

Smart Kids Childcare

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Smart Kids Childcare


The Founders of Smart Kids Childcare are Jane B. Ross and Sherry Aikins. Both are experienced in the early childhood industry and are passionate about helping children grow. Their son, who has a learning disability, is now a Master’s degree in architecture and works as an architect in New York. The two decided to start a child care facility that would provide developmental learning for kids with various disabilities.


Smart kids childcare Development Centers provide quality infant and toddler care, as well as preschool and school-age summer camps. Their programs are based on the North European play-based curriculum, which focuses on the development of a child as a whole. At SmartKids, kids will be encouraged to explore their natural curiosity, creativity, and social skills. Smart Kids Child Development Centers have a number of benefits for parents.

After school care programs turn aimless hours after school into productive learning time for children. Besides improving grades, they also encourage socialization among children. The programs at Smart Kids Development Centers provide a safe environment for kids. They also encourage healthy, happy, and engaged lifestyles for their students. By offering an after-school program, parents can rest assured that their children will receive the best care possible. They also encourage parents to keep an open mind and encourage continued learning in their own homes.


If you are looking for a great child care center, consider Smartkids Child Care and Learning Center. With over a decade of experience, this establishment has a proven track record and reputation in the community. There are many locations in Dubai and a long list of happy parents. Read on to find out more. Listed below are the locations of the various SmartKids child care locations. You can also check out their website for more information.


A recent sale from HINGE Brokers involved a King’s Keep Learning Center, a church organization in Charlotte, NC. The learning center was sold to Smart Kids Child Development Centers, a multi-site operator in the Charlotte market. Smart Kids’ acquisition of King’s Keep Learning Center was the first sale in the REIT’s childcare asset portfolio. The deal was completed through the Smart Kids Child Development Centers corporate website.

HINGE funding

In the Charlotte area, Kevin Campbell grew a network of 10 Smart Kids Child Development Centers, selling them to an international provider looking to expand into the US market. With the help of HINGE, Campbell was able to leverage real estate for growth funding, securing a favorable business purchase. The HINGE team helped Campbell secure a successful transaction with the international provider, which was able to quickly increase occupancy.

Smart Kids Child Care Review

Looking for the best daycare for your child? If so, Smart Kids Child Care is the answer! We have reviewed their location, Programs, and Inspection reports to help you make a decision. Smart Kids Child Care has a great reputation and currently has some openings. To find out more, read the rest of this article. Here’s why we love Smart Kids Child Care! And remember, there is no better place for your children to learn and grow than a safe and nurturing environment.


Smart Kids Child Development Centers offer quality infant and toddler care, preschool and school readiness programs, and After School Activities. Smart Kids employs foreign-trained teachers who help create a warm, nurturing learning environment. SmartKids’ curriculum addresses the whole child, from their physical and emotional development to their creativity. Smart Kids’ Child Development Centers also offer a School Aged Summer Camp for children ages six to twelve.

After school care is an essential aspect of children’s development. Children are most at risk of crime and misbehavior during this time. After-school programs help eliminate this risk and help kids raise their grades and curb behavioral issues. The programs provide a healthy environment for children to make new friends and develop social skills. The after-school care programs at Smart Kids Development Centers help kids make friends and build self-esteem.

Inspection reports

If you are looking for a high-quality child care facility, you will find it with Smartkids Child Care And Learning Center. Its outstanding reputation will ensure your child’s safety and happiness, and all reports are published on its website. You can access inspection reports and download them for your own use. You can also perform an advanced search to find specific service and provider information. You can also enter a service’s name, Tusla ID, eircode, city, or address and view a locator map.


Kevin Campbell owns five Smart Kids Child Development Centers in South Carolina. He started the first one in 1993 and has expanded the program to eight locations. Campbell has held almost every position in the company and has gained invaluable insight into how to better serve parents and children. One of his most important keys to success is hiring the best staff. Read on for his thoughts. This article explores the challenges of running a child care center.

Owning a child care center is a good way to invest in your child’s future. It is a good way to invest in the future of a community. While the initial investment will be large, there are many benefits to owning a small business. Investing in a business that can help you raise a child is an excellent way to increase your income. Child development patterns will help kids grow into a world of expectations.


The purpose-built nursery at Smart Kids Nursery is Ofsted Outstanding in Preston. The setting was refurbished from a derelict building in 2010 and features CCTV to keep children and staff safe. Staff and management have undergone stringent training to ensure the best care and education for your children. Smart Kids’ parents love the care and attention their children receive and are proud to share this with other parents. We offer the best childcare in Preston, with over 20 years of experience and a team of qualified staff.

The company has a long history in the childcare industry and is an Ofsted Outstanding childcare provider in Preston. It is located in a purpose-built setting, which was converted from a derelict building in 2010. The nursery is equipped with CCTV for extra security and is fully licensed to care for children of all ages. Smart Kids Childcare is committed to providing a quality child care experience and believes that hiring the best staff is the key to its success.

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