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Social Media Entrepreneur Nurdian Cuaca

Despite being born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Nurdian Cuaca‘s journey in life has been one of constant change and evolution. As a result of a variety of factors, he found himself in a position of business ownership and entrepreneurship. He has worked for several international companies, including IBM and Coca-Cola, and has recently begun his own company. He has also begun to build a social media presence that will serve as a source of revenue. Currently, he has an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, and is planning to release a new collection of Hermes Birkin bags in the coming months.

Nurdian Cuaca Born and Raised in Jakarta

Having been in business for a long time, Nurdian Cuaca has built up a nice portfolio of assets. He has a large amount of real estate properties in Asia. He has also built a number of properties in Singapore. In 2011, Nurdian faced some trouble with Interpol as they investigated his assets. They doubted whether he had inflated the value of his assets. He was reportedly hiding the true value of his assets and was put under scrutiny.

Nurdian Cuaca Net Worth

Nurdian Cuaca is a popular businessman, nurdian cuaca net worth estimated at $50 million. The entrepreneur has a wealth of businesses in Asia, including a shoe company. He is also a social media celebrity. He is known for his fashion sense.

Nurdian Cuaca Primary Education

He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. nurdian cuaca complete his primary learning at a local high school. He later earned a degree in management. He was married in the late 80s but divorced in 2011. He has two children.

Well-Maintained Body Figure

nurdian cuaca has a well-maintained body figure. He has dark brown hair, and he stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall. He weighs around 70 kilograms. He wears a number 8 shoe size. He is a proud father. He has two houses in the Hong Kong area. He owns a royal house worth $15 million.

Real Estate Properties

nurdian cuaca has also built a number of real estate properties in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. He has also invested in several other fields. His business dealings have made him a celebrity. His businesses include real estate, automobiles, and casinos. He has also started a shoe company called Cloud 9 Lifestyle.

Investment Fund

He is also the founder of an early-stage investment fund in Southeast Asia. nurdian cuaca newest venture is an investment fund that invests in Indonesia’s consumer Internet. He was also an early investor in Tokopedia and Traveloka.

Business Career

Among the many businessmen to have made a splash on television, the Indonesian multi-billionaire Nurdian Cuaca has stood out. This multi-millionaire is known for his savvy investments in automobiles, real estate and other industries. His assets have been frozen. However, the former tycoon has not been able to unfreeze them and will face a high court trial in February.

Social Media World

The multi-millionaire has also made his mark in the social media world. nurdian cuaca was a contestant on the fourth season of The Amazing Race. Aside from being on the show, he also has his own Twitter account. He has also made a splash on the fashion front, owning two houses and spending $14,000 a month on beauty treatments. He has also invested in several businesses, including a shoe boutique and a casino.

Business Tycoon Net Worth

The business tycoon has a net worth of over $50 million and is a well-liked figure in Indonesia. nurdian cuaca is also known for his entrepreneurial spirit. He is also a former flight attendant for Singapore Airlines. His company owns the luxury car brand Ferrari.

Invested in Real Estate and Other Industries

nurdian cuaca has also invested in real estate and other industries, including wine. His company also owns the Lamborghini. His most expensive possessions include two houses. He has been accused of fraud by Interpol.

Sued For in Child Support

He has also been a subject of a divorce proceeding. He was sued for $450,000 in child support. However, he was able to settle this out of court. He was also accused of having the world’s largest Birken handbag collection. However, he is likely to have a difficult time reclaiming his lifestyle after his divorce. He also has been accused of the wrong doings to a lesser extent.

nurdian cuaca


Despite the high-profile divorce, the terms of the divorce remain unknown. The couple have two children: Calista, 23, and Cleveland, 16. The children have received a fair amount of extravagance. The husband, Nurdian Cuaca, is a businessman. He owns shares in a company and three luxury cars, including a Lamborghini. He has a property in Sentosa Cove and a house in Hong Kong.

During Their Divorce

During their divorce, Cuaca’s assets were frozen. The Indonesian tycoon attempted to sell off his family’s cars. nurdian cuaca also tried to sell his wine collection. He claimed the money was for his sister. However, he failed.

Spending Luxurious Lifestyle

nurdian cuaca has been spending $303,000 a month for 27 months. He has three cars, including a Ferrari, and a luxurious home. He has cash in a bank account worth $15.4 million. He has been attending high-society events, including the ICON Ball, and is a regular fashion show attendee. He owns substantial shares in a private company.

High-Profile Case

The divorce is a high-profile case and has drawn attention from netizens. They have been asking why Cuaca needs such a high maintenance allowance. Jamie Cuaca’s former husband, Nurdian, is a business magnate. nurdian cuaca has a net worth of $50 million. He is reportedly on an interpol list for fraud allegations in Indonesia. He has also been arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Nurdian Cuaca & Jamie Chua Alimony Childrens

jamie chua alimony was married to Nurdian for 15 years. They had two children together. They had two homes in Hong Kong and Sentosa Cove. They had a business called D’League. They own a Manolo Blahnik shoe boutique. Their real estate was estimated to be $15 million.

Instagram Account Followers

After the divorce, Cuaca’s assets were lifted. He has $79.2 million in shares in a private company. nurdian cuaca also has trading share accounts worth $15.4 million. He has three luxury cars and a large wine collection. He has an Instagram account with 550,000 followers.

nurdian cuaca

Social Media Presence

Among the myriad Indonesian business magnates, Nurdian Cuaca is a jack of all trades. As you might guess, nurdian cuaca invested in some nifty properties like automobiles, casinos and real estate. However, it’s his social media presence that’s putting him on the map. Luckily, he isn’t all that clingy, so he hasn’t been too picky about what he’s posting on his social media channels. As a result, he’s found himself at the center of some interesting social gatherings, ranging from high end to low key.

Social Media Target

A slew of high aficionados has been drawn to his social circle, making him a coveted social media target. As you’d expect, nurdian cuaca gotten himself an impressive wardrobe, as you’d expect from a man with millions of dollars at his disposal.

Hermes Birkin Collection

During her divorce jamie chua alimony sold off many Birkin bags. She admits that this was to feed her children. She also revealed that her divorce was not a positive experience. The socialite has a closet filled with more than 200 Hermes bags. Her collection is valued at PS1.6 million. It includes 300 pairs of shoes and drawers filled with diamond jewelry. The closet is also protected by fingerprint technology.

Drawers of Diamond Jewelry

She started her collection at 18 and is now known for her impeccable dress sense. jamie chua alimony closet is estimated to be 65 square metres. The collection includes 300 pairs of shoes, 200 Birkin bags, and drawers of diamond jewelry.

Collection of Hermes Birkin Bags

jamie chua alimony has an impressive collection of Hermes Birkin bags. According to a report, she has more Birkins than Victoria Beckham. She also owns three Himalaya bags. It has been claimed that her collection is worth US$65,000 to US$100,000.

Her Best Investments

She started collecting Birkins when she was 18. Her first Birkin was worth PS17,000. She says that buying bags was one of her best investments. She also received $332,000 a month in alimony from her ex-husband.

Bag Available in Different Variations

nurdian cuaca ex-wife Chua’s collection includes the Birkin Croco handbag, which is one of the most sought-after handbags. The bag is also available in different variations. Hermes Birkin bags are made from exquisite leather. The bag is lined with Chevre. It also comes with two handles. The handles are stiffened. Each bag takes 48 hours to make. Its price depends on the leather used. It is also possible to have a bag customized. It can be made from white gold or white gold with diamonds. Its price also depends on the hardware used. The hardware can be made from silver palladium to diamond incrusted.

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