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The London Business Guide (LBG) Community-Based Organisation

The London Business Guide  (LBG) is a community-based organisation dedicated to supporting the minority business community in the City of London. The organization organises events, business meetings, and consultancy services for members of so-called ‘hard-to-reach groups’. Its mission is to build networks among these businesses and empower them to be successful in their chosen field. The LBG was founded in 2001 and is a free resource for business owners of all sizes in the London metropolitan area.

LBG is a business guide for the minority business community in London

Located in the heart of the capital, the LBG is dedicated to improving infrastructure for minority businesses. The organization’s services provide practical, cost-effective solutions for clients, enabling them to improve revenue and create a better business environment. As part of its mission, LBG also regularly hosts business networking events in the city, including business meetings. To learn more, visit the website for LBG .

London Business Guide

The London Business Guide is a comprehensive business resource centre that offers management tools, IT support, and promotional programmes. It has been in existence since 2003. Its founder, Abdullah R Pehlivan, has over 18 years of experience with multinational companies in the EU and UK. His experience is varied and his knowledge is wide. The LBG provides a range of business and IT support solutions to its clients.

It provides tailored support and consultancy services to individuals within so-called ‘hard to reach’ groups

The London Business Guide connects people with the right resources and skills to succeed in business . The organisation was founded in 2002 as a publisher of guidebooks for investors, and now offers tailored support and consultancy services to individuals within ‘hard to reach’ groups. Its services are designed to help people make informed decisions, including how to start a business and how to grow their business.

It arranges business meetings and events

For effective planning, project management, and staff oversight, business meetings are vital. Sometimes they involve people from outside the organization, too. To maximize the time spent in these meetings, care should be taken to plan carefully and to keep the purpose of meetings clear. Without a clear purpose, attendees may feel frustrated or annoyed. When arranging a meeting, the following are some tips:

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