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Yeonjun is One of the Youngest Members of SNSD

Yeonjun is one of the youngest members of SNSD. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in the U.S. Yeonjun attended school in San Jose, California. He speaks fluent English and has a pleasant, friendly personality. He was spotted with fellow students in school parties. His favorite food is chicken, but he also has a preference for avocado. He has dark brown hair and ear-piercings. His Instagram account has more than 298k followers.

Black Vans Old Skool Sneakers   

The member was a teen whose favorite color is purple. His preferred clothes are unique and he often wears black Vans Old Skool sneakers. Yeonjun likes to have a good time. He is a big fan of ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and often plays it loudly when he is excited. He has never been to Hollywood, but he would date Beomgyu because of his good looks.

Yeonjun Attended Withbill Dance Studio

Yeonjun attended Withbill Dance Studio when he was nine years old and passed his first audition for WH Entertainment at the age of fourteen. He also plays S-board and is a fan of J Cole and The Intern. He is currently a part of the new group and will be the official vocalist for the rest of the group. Is he known to be the tallest member of the group. His favorite animal is a corgi, and he likes to pet pandas.



Member of TXT since His Debut In 2015

Yeonjun is a fan of games, particularly Overwatch and S-board. He was also an apprentice at CUBE Entertainment and is currently a member of TXT. He has been a member of TXT since his debut in 2015. Despite being a young member, Yeonjun is a very popular singer in South Korea. He is a fashionista and a skilled rapper, and a fan of J Cole and The Intern.


Acronym for “Singularity”

Although a member of SNSD, Yeonjun is also an active member of TXT, a group that was previously known as BigHit Entertainment. The band’s name is an acronym for “Singularity” and he is a member of TXT. He is a popular singer and rap artist in South Korea. He has also worked with SMTV as a back-up dancer.


Yeonjun’s SNSD Song Cry Has Reached 1 Million

The second PCR test of Yeonjun SNSD song Cry has reached 1 million views in two days. The video of his introduction was also viewed 1 million times. While Yeonjun SNSD song is not yet released yet, he has a few more songs to promote. His fans have been following his progress on social media. He has also released a Spotify playlist that features songs he enjoys.


Ramen Brand Named Promise, Dream Chapter: Star,

The first member to be revealed on TXT, Yeonjun is the youngest member of the group. He is from Bundang-gu and has a ramen brand named Promise. His SNSD mini-album, The Dream Chapter: Star, is a collection of popular songs that have become instant hits. If you love SNSD, you can follow its songs on Spotify and hear them live.



SNSD Mini-Album “Crown”

The first song on the SNSD mini-album “Crown” was released on February 16. It is a synth-pop song about the difficulties of growing up as a teenager. It is a popular synth-pop track with a catchy melody. SNSD is a hip hop rap group that has been on the scene for almost two years. In the meantime, they are bringing the dream to their audience through a range of activities.

Former Trainee of Cube Entertainment

The first member of TXD, Yeonjun is a talented rapper, dancer, and member of the boy group TXT. He was first announced in January, and his official debut on March 4, 2019. He was a former trainee of Cube Entertainment and spent a few years in the United States, where he learned English. YJ was recently revealed as the ‘Single’ of the year, a new member of TXD.


Piercings and Earring Are Some of His Distinctive Features

A popular singer of the group, Yeonjun likes purple and blue. He also likes unique clothes and music. His tolerance for alcohol is two to two and a half bottles. He likes to drink a lot, but he is not a good winker. His ear piercings and earring are some of his distinctive features. He has even had his photo taken on a billboard!

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