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Zoho Cliqtrix Busines Communication & Collaboration Platform

Zoho Cliqtrix is a business communication and collaboration platform. It deals a talk application called Cliqtrix and an annual report app building competition called Cliqtrix . Students from colleges in India competed for a chance to win $10,000 by developing an app for Cliqtrix. The team behind Cliqtrix providings  students with online and on-campus training to create their winning app. Here is what students have to say about the competition.

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Zoho Cliq and Cliqtrix

Zoho Cliqtrix is a business communication and collaboration platform. It deals a talk application called Cliqtrix and an annual report app building competition called Cliqtrix . Students from colleges in India competed for a chance to win $10,000 by developing an app for Cliqtrix. The team behind Cliqtrix providings  students with online and on-campus training to create their winning app. Here is what students have to say about the competition.

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Business Communication & Collaboration Platform

With the Zoho Cliq business communication and collaboration platform, your group can stay connected and productive no matter where they are. Its video and audio capabilities let you easily call anyone, as well as invite groups of persons to video conferences. You can even share your screen and turn messages into tasks and reminders. You can also integrate Zoho Cliq with other applications and ping specific channels.

To help your team stay organized, you can build a calendar and integrate it into Zoho Cliq. Similarly, you can create reminders in Cliq for conferences or other important occasions. You can also sync the calendar with Cliq, so you can plan online meetings. You can star messages for easy access. To access files from a particular conversation, simply click on the star icon.

With the Cliq business communication and collaboration platform, team members can share files, photos, and videos with each other. It supports voice and video calls and has a calendar that keeps path of who’s working on what. Using Zoho Cliq, you and your team can be more productive and efficient. The platform can be used by remote workers and business owners alike, and it helps businesses communicate effectively and collaborate more efficiently.

The powerful admin panel of the Cliq business communication and collaboration platform makes it easy and simply for your team to set up internal tools and automate routine tasks. Moreover, it has an extensive admin panel, which lets you manage users and track organization reports. You can even customize the domain and restrict access to any module. Lastly, the Cliq business communication and collaboration platform is integrated with many other popular applications.

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Application Called Cliqtrix

The Cliq talk application allows you to communicate with your team. It functions like a message app, but it’s much more fun. It’s compatible with dozens of other requests and works without requiring an email inbox or a server. Other features include unlimited storage, EMOJIS, and video chat. And, if you’re on the go, you can use the mobile app to stay connected with your team.

Cliq is also mobile-friendly. Users can switch between changed devices and access previous conversations. Cliq is a great method to merge effective business and communication. If you’re looking for help getting started with Cliq, Encaptechnno can help. The Zoho Cliq talk application is also easy to use and offers a digit of features and benefits.

Zoho Cliq offers a free trial for its chat application. The product is less expensive than Slack, and it’s easy to set up an organization. Cliq is related to Discord in terms of functionality and appearance, then with some features tailored specifically for businesses. It works on mobile devices, browsers, and desktop versions for Windows and OS. If you’re looking for a chat application that works seamlessly across devices, Cliq is the way to go.

Zoho Cliq is a professional chat application. This chat application offers productivity tools and integrations with third-party applications. With Cliq, you can create stand-alone apps and integrate it with other software for a more seamless customer experience. It also helps to track visitors’ activity with visitor tracking and smart triggers. With Cliq, your team can communicate in real-time and make important decisions.

Annual App Building Contest Called Cliqtrix

Students from round the country are invited to compete in Cliqtrix, an annual app building contest hosted by Zoho. Each year, the contest has a $2 lakh prize fund and an internship opportunity for the winning team. Students must build a Cliq extension with a deadline of two to three months. Cliq has a variety of types and can be integrated with any productivity app.

Zoho is hosting an app building competition called CliqTrix, in which college students compete to build real-time apps for Zoho messaging platforms. To compete, students must be enrolled in undergraduate computer science or IT, or be an engineering or B.Sc. computer science student. Students must be able to submit a Cliq extension or a SalesIQ bot that works within Zoho’s Cliq platform.

Great Opportunity For College Students

If you’re a college student interested in a career in IT, Cliqtrix is a great opportunity to explore. Cliqtrix recruits for its package from Tier-III and Tier-I IT companies. If you’re a college student and want to break out of placement training, join the Cliqtrix program! You’ll find an incredible team of college students eager to make a difference in the world of technology.

CliqTrix is Zoho’s annual app building competition, and college students from all over the world can participate. In this competition, participants build real-time applications on Zoho’s messaging platforms. You can enter as an individual, or in teams of up to two people. To be eligible, you must be an undergraduate engineering or B.Sc. in Computer Science/IT and be studying to earn a degree in the respective field. In addition, your Cliq application must be a Cliq extension or a SalesIQ bot.

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Every year, Zoho hosts a competition called CliqTrix, a hackathon that encourages students to build real-time apps for its messaging platform. To qualify, you must be a student enrolled in an undergraduate engineering program or B.Sc. Computer Science/IT program. Your plan must include a Cliq extension or SalesIQ bot.

Organizers are responsible for setting the stage for a successful hackathon. They find a problem, select teams of participants, and then embolden the teams to develop creative solutions to it. Winners are

typically awarded cash, prizes, or a combination of all three. While the organizers are responsible for the technical organization of the hackathon, they also seek to network with participants. They look for collaborative opportunities among participants and sponsors.

Hackathons encourage creativity and limit time constraints. A limited time frame and competition encourage participants to create new designs and solutions. In adding to improving the bottom line, hackathons have spawned careers. To make the most of a hackathon, you must choose a venue with sufficient amenities and food. If you are unable to arrange a venue in your city, you can hold one virtually.

Aside from hosting a public event, the organizers can also organize an internal hackathon. This event is organized within a single organization, where all participants are teams. While an internal hackathon is perfectly acceptable, it can be a great way to bring fresh ideas from the outside. Open hackathons are also great chances for hiring new talent. When it comes to hiring, it is important to consider the audience of the event. Typically, students respond positively to job ads, but an open hackathon gives you a chance to reach a new audience.


If you’ve been thinking about joining the CliqTrix community, you’ve probably wondered how to get started. You’ll need a Zoho account to enter the contest. This will give you access to your data and help you track your progress throughout the contest. First of all, you’ll need to create at least five published products to submit. Then, you’ll need to submit the applications.

Zoho is an Indian software development business focused on business tools and web-based information technologies. The company was founded in Pleasanton, California in 1996, and has offices in seven countries, including Chennai. Its annual CliqTrix contest is a student app-building contest. The contest is open to students who are graduating in 2020 or later, but only those graduates who have completed their undergraduate degree have an chance to participate. Students can participate in Cliq through the app, and must submit apps for two to four platforms: Zoho’s Chat, Messenger, and SalesIQ. if you want any information more please email at contact@cliqtrix.com.

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